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Comedy Writers Needed

2009-10-20 22:04:45 by Cambo

Hi guys,

I edit the free commuter magazine newspaper "The Rag" that's floating about a bit in Sydney, and I'm fielding submissions from promising comedy writers.

Here's the SCOOP:

we're increasing our distributive girth and we need fresh new content. if you think you're funny and you've got an eye for stupid, we need 500-word articles on issue-based material, rather than topical jokes - because we're published fortnightly the jokes you write could not see light until after their expiry. they're not worth your effort or ours.

so for an example, we've just run an article on gay marriage and another on wikipedia. we're not tied to any agenda or point of view so you can come at any idea from any angle, which is a terrific liberty to be afforded and one we're appreciative of wasting.

you're welcome to submit ideas for stories but if someone writes a good, funny article on racism and you just write a proposal for it, we're going to take the one that's completed and good to print.

we don't mind solitary articles but we'd LOVE frequent contributors so our little rag doesn't become too mercenary.

the work is UNPAID - we're doing it for the love. but writing for us will get you real experience as a comedy writer, and will get your work read by thousands of Sydney-siders.

Email any submissions as an attachment to - we look forward to hearing from you!


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2009-10-20 22:28:36

if you can make up a topic, I'm your man.

Cambo responds:

can you write something making fun of the nobel prize voting process? 500 words, email it as an attachment .doc to


2009-10-20 22:43:02

i have this great script about how link finally tells mario and sonic about his feelings for megaman

it's pure gold i tell you

Cambo responds:

finally, someone had the guts to say it


2009-10-20 22:53:42

I wrote for sitcoms like Just Shoot Me and Third Rock from the Sun give me a call on my fax machine.


2009-10-20 22:54:12


Or text me at 542 542



2009-10-20 23:02:18

ok so Obama wins the nobel piece prize....
and im thinkin to my self....

yeah see where this is goin?

lol l8s


2009-10-20 23:55:16

airplane food what is up with that stuff

Cambo responds:

this is my impression of what it'd be like if yoda was black!


2009-10-20 23:59:39

How about an article about how Sydney is full of wankers?
I thought you were in Queensland...

Cambo responds:

i lived in queensland but i feel more comfortable with the sydney community, as i love to fiddle with my knob


2009-10-21 00:12:53

mind if I try the nobel peace prize idea? ive got some ideas

Cambo responds:

not at all, go for your life


2009-10-21 00:47:57

Is the guy in your Picture saying "Fagoo"?

If so, I love you


2009-10-21 04:57:26

so a cambo walks into a bar


2009-10-21 12:53:06

I'm almost certain I can work in at least 6 Mario observations about it.


2009-10-21 14:30:44

How's this? 35704


2009-10-21 15:36:01

i wish i was funny :(


2009-10-21 17:20:50

Hmm... I might wanna do something on childhood obesity. Is that fine, or too overused? Do you want something else?

Cambo responds:

if you can make it funny without being cruel, it's fine. if it's just going to be "fat kids need to get off the couch", it's too overused.


2009-10-21 19:49:49



2009-10-21 19:55:44

Any way we can grab hold of an old issue, so we can see what we're getting ourselves into? Hehe

Cambo responds:

it's hard unless you're in sydney because we make this whole thing with scissors and photocopiers and the few generous donations we get go into printing costs. i can email you an article or two if you'd like though.


2009-10-25 12:16:25

Hmm... It sounds like you guys are funny, but more subtle humor than in-your-face humor. Well, guess I could send it to you, just tell me if you think it should be less... you know, like it is.

Also, I'd much rather copy&paste the writing as a PM on newgrounds. Would that be OK? You could always just C&P it into a word document and print it out if you want to except it.

Cambo responds:

that's fine, it just might take a little extra time for me to get back to you


2010-06-26 04:09:42

I thought you sold drugs