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2009-05-07 03:25:56 by Cambo

[DICK 1]

[DICK 2]

[DICK 3]

I made:

- a world without video games
- how to make a brawl taunts smoothie (and the sequel)
- kirb's hot air balloon
- rtil's part

all about 9 months ago.

if you think that, given so much time, i should have created something more impressive, you must HATE yet another brawl taunts movie.

in other news china have caused a massive upset by winning the 2009 world table tennis championships, i don't know about you but i lost myself a lot of money on that bet



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2009-05-07 03:38:01

And boom goes the dynamite.


2009-05-07 03:38:12

I loved those flashes. They were even better than I had expected, and I was holding a decent standard to begin with. Kudos.

Cambo responds:



2009-05-07 03:38:49

This, what I am witnessing, is a war amongst idiots.

1. An ego creates something hugely popular
2. Puny humans attempt to steal his idea so that they can have their own "ego"
3. Humans fight amongst each other, clambering to get on top, in a contest of "whoever has the biggest ego"
4. Humans try to destroy others by inflicting pain on their competition, although they never actually think of destroying the ego who started all this, because "he's too awesome"
5. A war breaks out where people try to get the best score on a submission portal.
6. Humans grow a spurt of intelligence, and try to have better jokes and animation, though still they are ripping off huge ego's ideas.

7. I witness the stupidity, and laugh.


They will never win by copying someone else's ideas. Not even you, yes, you the reader. Also, what is to gain by being popular? Even if you succeed by using other people's ideas? WHAT DO YOU GAIN???! I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU HUMANS AAARRGG!!!

Cambo responds:

you're right, everyone's an idiot except the guy who refers to a bunch of nerds making cartoons as a "war"


2009-05-07 03:49:03

lmao yes you did a very nice job on Rtils part

Shoulda made the link go to Brawl Funnies!

Cambo responds:

good idea, i've taken that on board


2009-05-07 03:53:44

fuckin lmao at eammy's post

and boom goes the dynamite.

Cambo responds:

haha yeah i know


2009-05-07 05:54:26

im sorry i was bumping into walls all day do you know where i can find a taxi


2009-05-07 07:25:27

i enjoy said dicks

Cambo responds:

i like you very much


2009-05-07 08:32:29

Hahahaha, I laughed so hard when I saw the self respect go out the balloon.

Mate, you're a master of symbolism.

Cambo responds:

haha thanks buddy


2009-05-07 09:34:12

I was genuinely disappointed when I realized there's not part 3.
It was cool.

Cambo responds:

lets make something soon


2009-05-07 10:18:07

That was sooo goooood


2009-05-07 10:51:09

I'm seeing this one getting in to the next Tank Awards.

Cambo responds:

with a score of 2.9, how could it not, right?


2009-05-07 10:57:52

I love it when you talk sexy to me

Cambo responds:

mmhmm i'm kissing my hands as they talk to you, it's like a threesome with words


2009-05-07 11:13:46

Yours where defiantly some of the better ones.


2009-05-07 13:06:00

oh hey, you did the only good ones. All the rest were a bit shit.

Its funny that its got a crap score, next to this with a four point whatever: /494466

Cambo responds:

i haven't watched that and i'm not ever going to because it'll just make me sad


2009-05-08 01:57:22

Pokemon: The Lost Ending? Is this not proof that what I say is true?


2009-05-12 05:49:02

loved your stuff the most man


2009-05-19 01:53:55

Your style is cool, and the parts were different than the others, and the moral was touching...


2009-06-06 02:23:25

"fuck you,"
it's hypnotic watching him say it repeatedly.
wanna join the fuck you collab?
every person will be animating a character lipsyncing "fuck you."

Cambo responds:

only if my part can feature overlapping dialogue


2009-07-11 01:03:46

so... you have smex wit ur mum?


2009-09-13 03:07:35

derka derka terrorists