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How I Live My Life

2008-08-10 06:38:12 by Cambo

Right now I'm living off stale cheese and bacon rolls and thickshakes because I don't know how to do the washing up. I had two thickshakes last night, like twenty minutes before I went to bed, because I'm living with my sister at the moment and if I don't eat and drink everything of mine before I go to bed she'll steal them while I'm asleep. She's very sneaky. Also this morning at work I puked in my mouth but willed it back into my stomach.

I dropped my cheese and bacon roll on the ground 10 minutes ago, and my dog licked it and took a small bite. I ate it anyway.

Kids, this is not a life you want.

How I Live My Life


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2008-08-10 06:46:02

haha, no kidding.
You gotta eat more than just Meat and Cheese.

Cambo responds:

hey there's bread there too! I'm not weird or anything


2008-08-10 06:54:58

Is a cheese and bacon roll like a pizza roll, but with......cheese and bacon?

Cambo responds:

I have no idea what pizza rolls are. I'm guessing they're like sauce and cheese on a bread roll, like a vegetarian hot dog or something. So really I have no idea.

you're right about the cheese and bacon part though.


2008-08-10 07:27:53

u r right but how did this start happening and why if u dont mind?


2008-08-10 08:19:50

Get some vitamins man, fruit at a supermarket is cheap, an apple doesn't need washing up.


2008-08-10 09:32:44

Wow dude thats really fucked up.You'l either get really fat or youl get fucked up by health issues or some shit. So hows it living with your sister XD? Wtf happens if you invite a girl over to your house? Do you tie your sister up and hide her in the closet XD?Or do you suffer the fate of both of them talking the entire night ? XD


2008-08-10 09:35:21

Leeraji, he won't get fat, he's barely eating anything.

If he ate french fries for the rest of his life, and nothing else, he's be on his dead bed in 3 months. And he'd be fat.

Cambo responds:

I don't really mind getting fat, I have genuine respect for those dudes who ride around in electric wheelchairs because they're too lazy to walk. I would be honoured if they'd accept me into their ranks.


2008-08-10 10:36:04

all cheese is good cheese IMO.

(Updated ) Cambo responds:

Q: Why did the pizza's standup comedy career never take off?

A: Because he was TOO CHEEESY?!! YAARGH


2008-08-10 10:51:16

I don't quite understand "because I don't know how to do the washing up" very clearly.

Try and have a good day sir.


2008-08-10 12:53:00

Dude... go shopping for microwaveable food. you stated in a comment that you dont worry about being fat so there is no problem here. Microwavable food usually comes in plastic dishes too, so no need for washing up. just get your sister to empty the bin. =]


2008-08-10 15:29:42

Your life is awesome


2008-08-10 17:20:23

hey man u alright? u need to eat properly.
u said ur were sick at work and eating food the dog has taken a bite of....
how did this happen to u? how long has life been like this? I hope this is just something that happened over 2 days or something and if not, GET UR ACT TOGETHER!!!! you and ur sister could get serious health problems

Cambo responds:

Wow what, I thought this was funny.


2008-08-10 22:02:09

If worse comes to worse and you run out of food- There's allways the dog.


2008-08-11 02:01:50

Lol dude, you are my hero :P


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